Not an archive photo from some past space mission, but a photo of the planet as it is on your special day. The photo is taken by the world’s only Earth-viewing camera on a commercial communications satellite approximately 22,300 miles above the Earth. The cloud formations, storms, the green, blue, and Earth tones of our home — the beauty of planet Earth, captured forever to commemorate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any memorable occasion. This is the ultimate "you are there" gift experience.

The satellite takes photos of Earth every day
You customize the photo of Earth taken that exact date with your choice for title and caption
You choose the date of your special occasion
You select how you want us to deliver the photo
We produce and ship your customized photo to you or your gift recipient
Pick a date 
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10-10-10 Footage of Earth
10-10-10 World Wide Moment Video from Give The World
Watch Solar Eclipse footage from the Echostar 11 satellite captured on July 11, 2010.

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About the EchoStar 11 Satellite About Us
The EchoStar 11 Earth Watch camera provides full-disk views of our planet from a distance of about one tenth the distance to the more
Give the World is a product of Space Services, Inc. It is made available through an agreement with EchoStar Satellite Services, which uses a Dish Network EchoStar satellite to provide daily photos of Earth.

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